Sunday, December 16, 2012

Book Review: Ten

AUTHOR: Gretchen McNeil
PUBLISHED: September 2012
GENRE: Mystery, Drama
PREMISE: Ten teens get invited by the most popular girl in school to a private island and then start getting killed off, one by one.
MY REVIEW: For those that don't know, this book is basically a retelling of Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None. So if you've read that book, you've pretty much read this. It doesn't really deviate from that novel very much other then having the couple live at the end which to me was kind of a boring ending as opposed to Agatha Christie's more believeable ending.
There's nothing particularly wrong with this. Writing is decent, the author kind of does the psychology of teens well, and it does fit in the retelling well. It's just not very overwhelmingly OMG this is awesome.
I recomend this to mystery fans who have not read And Then There Were None. To those of you who have...I wouldn't bother because you already know what happens.
WHO SHOULD READ: mystery fans, those that haven't read And Then Were None
MY RATING: Three out of Five killers on the loose

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