Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Book Review: The Talents

TITLE: The Talents
Book 1 in the Delcroix Academy series
AUTHOR: Inara Scott
GENRE: Urban fantasy, Romance
PREMISE: Dancia has a strange power that she does her best to hide but then she gets invited to a fancy boarding school where hiding isn't an option.
MY REVIEW: I remember seeing this one back when it first came out and I took note of it but promptly forgot about because of...I don't remember actually, I just forgot about it. But eventually I remembered and I picked it up last week. Turns out there's a reason I forgot about it: it's forgetable.
Literally this is every YA fantasy trope thrown into one: plain heroine (who somehow manages to get two guys into her despite being "plain") finds out she's special? Check. Boarding school with students who have powers/abilities of some sort? Check. Two guys into one girl who isn't really that interesting?Insta romance with no basis? Check and Check. There's also good old fashioned evil mean girl stereotype, main character hating on the pretty girls for no apparent reason that I can see other then her being really petty, and to even top it off plain girl is a orphan. Sigh.
I like the boarding school trope as much as the next girl but due to it being everywhere you have to make it interesting. This? Was not interesting. I pretty much yawned my way through this. If you're really curious about this one, I say check it out from the library and save your money for good boarding school books. Might I suggest Harry Potter?
WHO SHOULD READ: Um...those who really like boarding school books I guess?
MY RATING: Two and a half out of Five "I've read this before" moments

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