Monday, December 10, 2012

Book Review: Seraphina

TITLE: Seraphina
Book 1 in the Seraphina series
AUTHOR: Rachel Hartman
PUBLISHED: July 2012
GENRE: Dragons, fantasy
PREMISE: Seraphina has spent all her life hiding her true nature for good reason: dragons are not trusted. Then she gets drawn into court intrigue by royals...
MY REVIEW: I'm going to go ahead and warn you: this review comes with bias because I loved the hell out of this book. I will say that perhaps it moves a bit slowly and one or two things could be clarified but for the most part this is definitely one of my top ten books of 2012 and another favorite debut.
The writing is fabulous, the characters are all wonderfully fleshed out and enjoyable, and it's creative. Granted, dragons shapeshifting into real people has been a staple of fanfiction for years but this is how you do that trope right. It's also very nice to see straight up fantasy because as I've said before: there's not enough of it in YA. I especially appreciate it when it's clear the author has put in a lot of effort to make this good. I don't feel like this was a book knocked out in a month like I do with a lot of debuts nowadays.
Basically if you like any sort of fantasy you should read this book. It's old school fantasy story telling and a good example of why I haven't given up on YA.
WHO SHOULD READ: Tamora Pierce fans, Eragon fan, fantasy fans, Harry Potter fans
MY RATING: Four and a half out of Five badass dragons

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