Friday, December 14, 2012

Book Review: Sisters Red

TITLE: Sisters Red
Book 1 in Fairytale Retellings series
AUTHOR: Jackson Pearce
PUBLISHED: June 2010
GENRE: Retelling, urban fantasy, werewolves
PREMISE: When a wolf kills their family, two girls become werewolf hunters.
MY REVIEW: Ever have a book you want to love more than you actually did? This is me and Sister's Red. Every time I mentioned I was into fairy tale retellings everyone would tell me to read this. "It's especially good if you're a feminist" was also a popular phrase I kept getting. So when it was on sale on Amazon awhile back I downloaded it. Hate to say it, I'm not impressed.
Basically this is a female version of Supernatural but with sisters instead of brothers, and they hunt only werewolves instead of different types of monsters. Oh, and the sister's are given much less character depth than Sam and Dean are. The love interest was okay but kind of boring. The action was good but there were also plotholes galore (seriously, what kind of hunter doesn't have a car or drive at all? Especially if they live a two hours walk from civilization? Makes no sense, author). The dynamics between the sisters was probably about the most interesting thing going on in a otherwise pretty average plot. As for the feminist thing...I don't see it. Sure the sisters don't break down when they see a werewolf but I don't really see anything overly feminist about this novel other then that. It just gets points for not having heroines who cry every ten seconds. Doesn't make it feminist though.
Honestly this was just an okay but average retelling. I don't get what all the buzz is about. Maybe I'm missing something? Who knows.
WHO SHOULD READ: werewolf fans, Supernatural fans, fairytale retelling fans
MY RATING: Three out of Five crossbows

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