Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Book Review: Some Girls Bite

TITLE: Some Girls Bite
Book 1 in the Chicogoland Vampires series
AUTHOR: Chloe Neil
GENRE: vampires, urban fantasy
PREMISE: Merit gets made into a vampire against her will but she's not going to let the vampires rule her life.
MY REVIEW: Here's the thing about Urban Fantasy. Specifically adult urban fantasy: there's a LOT of it. Most of it tends to look alike. Some will be about vampires, some about werewolves. Some may have a kick butt heroine, some will....try to have a kick butt heroine. The frank truth of the matter is a lot of urban fantasy has the same tropes, same ideas, same sort of characters etc. You have to have a lot of patience and just read the series one by one to find the ones that appeal to you specifically because honestly for me, it's hard to review urban fantasy because I find it silly to whine about the same tropes when the main point of the genre is mostly familiar formulas for the average reader to consume. It would be like complaining about the mystery part in police procedural shows.
So once again I'm sorry to say: not much to say about this one either. It has plenty of familiar adult UF tropes: tough girl with parent issues becomes vamp, somehow kicks butt despite no previous training, promise of lots of love triangle loving in the future books, sassy best friend/sidekick who is basically the best thing about it (seriously, I love Mallory), okay writing, average plot.
So once again I will say your enjoyment of this will probably depend on whatever you like in your books. I'm sort of indifferent to it but I can see why this has become popular. Merit is at least a likeable heroine. It's a decent library read for sure.
WHO SHOULD READ: Urban fantasy fans who love the genre no matter what.
MY RATING: Three out of Five sassy vampires

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