Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Book Review: Breathe

TITLE: Breathe
Book 1 in Breathe series
AUTHOR: Sarah Crossan
PUBLISHED: October 2012
GENRE: Dystopian, drama, adventure
PREMISE: In a world where breathe is a precious resource you have to buy three teens become involve in a rebellion.
MY REVIEW: This book...I honestly don't have much to say about it. It is what it is. Honestly dystopia has become such a heavy genre that it's sort of like the adult urban fantasy genre nowadays: whether or not you like it depends mostly on what your quirks as a reader are and not neccessarily on how good the book is. There are a few occasional exceptions here and there but nowadays the YA genre is starting to become the vampire genre: all alike with a few different plot elements here and there. Thankfully I still like the genre so it hasn't become AS tired as the vampire genre has. YET. considering all the dystopians out next year, I predict a burnout in this genre very very soon. If not next year then most likely when the Hunger Games movies end.
So Breathe...has a few good points. It was a interesting concept, though I saw several plot holes and I don't believe for a moment that this premise could ever come true. We're way too paranoid about replanting trees we cut down for this to ever be a really huge problem. I'm also sure there was flubbed science in there. But the story itself is actually a lot more interesting then the summary makes it sound. The summary makes it sound like a overdramatic love triangle taking place in war time but in actuality the love triangle drama is kept to a minimum which was a nice change of pace. The plot is kept at a decent pace and I understood what was going on.
So this book isn't bad. For a dystopian heavy YA world, it does actually manage to stick out some and I'll probably read the second book when that comes out. All in all a decent first novel and decent YA debut.
WHO SHOULD READ: Dystopian fans, Hunger Game fans
MY RATING: Three and a half out of Five gas masks

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