Sunday, February 17, 2013

Book Review: Through the Ever Night

TITLE: Through the Ever Night
Under the Never Sky series Book 2
AUTHOR: Veronica Rossi
PUBLISHED: January 2013
GENRE: Dystopianish, fantasy, romance
PREMISE: Aria and Perry struggle with their lives in a ever changing world that pushes them apart.
MY REVIEW: Under the Never Sky was a bit of a surprise for me last year. I liked it a lot more then I thought I would, which doesn't happen to me very often (usually it's the opposite and I like it less then I thought I would and that's not as much fun). So I was really looking forward to the sequel and I'm happy to say, Rossi delivered. In fact, I'll go as far to say it's a tad better then the first one.
True, I'm still fuzzy on many details of the world building, but in this series character is the focus more and on that, Rossi does a decent job. True, Perry/Aria is sappy beyond belief but it's a tolerable couple who I actually root for instead of wanting them to die in a fire. This is a large part because it's not all happily ever after for them. These two actually go through crap and realize hey, it's not all about their star-crossed love. Nice change from the Edward/Bellas of the world. Rossi also knows romance alone does not a book make. She actually has plot in here that is interesting and nicely paced with consequences. I will say Perry becomes a tad annoying in this (I honestly love Aria way more then Perry and kind of want her and Roar to get together, but I know that will never happen).
So a few flaws aside, this was a strong sequel. Can't wait to read the next book (which better have more Cinder damn it). If you loved the first one, you won't be disappointed.
WHO SHOULD READ: fans of Under the Never Sky, Dystopian fans
MY RATING: Four out of Five future techs

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