Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Book Review: Poison Princess

TITLE: Poison Princess
Book 1 in the Arcana Chronicles series
AUTHOR: Kresley Cole
PUBLISHED: October 2012
GENRE: Urban Fantasy, Romance
PREMISE: Evie starts having visions of the future and needs the local bad boy to help her out.
MY REVIEW: So I've never read Kresley Cole's adult series before. I picked this up solely because the idea sounded awesome, nothing to do with Cole herself. I will say the idea behind this is pretty cool. The world building and general idea of it, I can totally get behind. Unfortunately Cole's characters and romance I can absolutely not stand and that took away a lot of the enjoyment factor for me.
I'm sorry, when I can't find one character in a book even remotely likable or at least interesting then I find it REALLY hard to get into a book because that means I'm spending time either rolling my eyes or wanting to smack someone. In this case I was rolling my eyes at Evie who unlike Evie from The Diviners or Paranormalcy (seriously, what is with all the Evies in YA fiction lately?) isn't really interesting and frankly isn't very likable either. Then there's the love interest. Oh boy, I honestly don't know where to begin with this guy aside from the fact that he's pretty much a combination of Edward Cullen and Patch from Hush Hush and every other "bad boy" douche stereotype. He was the one I wanted to smack. It isn't helped that the author takes about a hundred or so pages to actually get to the point of the story. A little tip writers: the point of the story should happen within at least fifty pages otherwise people aren't going to CARE. Fyi, teen drama? Not the point of the story unless your book is a drama book which in this case, it is not.
Perhaps as the series goes on, the author will have more brilliant things happening but honestly? I can't bring myself to care enough to pick up the next book because I found myself despising all the characters. While I find completely perfect characters annoying as well, there is something to be said for having your characters have SOME redeeming qualities. From what I can see, these characters didn't have many of those and to top it off they weren't that interesting enough for me to put up with their bs. So maybe it gets better in the second book. But I will leave other readers to find that out for themselves. I for one will not be bothering with it.
WHO SHOULD READ: Kresley Cole fans, House of Night fans, not sure who else
MY RATING: Two and a half out of Five really annoying characters

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