Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Book Review: Anansi Boys

TITLE: Anansi Boys
Book 2/Companion Book to American Gods
AUTHOR: Neil Gaiman
GENRE: Urban Fantasy, mythology
PREMISE: Fat Charlie learns he has a brother who is a god and it turns his life upside down.
MY REVIEW: First thing you should know: this isn't technically a sequel to American Gods like I had originally thought it was. It's more a companion book that takes place in the same universe. So the world is familiar but characters like Shadow do not make an appearance. If that's what you were hoping for, then you'll probably be disappointed.
But the characters of Charlie and Spider are more then welcome in my book. It also still has that certain something that made American Gods so enjoyable for me. Granted I am biased here, I am a Neil Gaiman fangirl. I've yet to have found a book of his I didn't like (I'm even going to try out Fragile Things and I don't normally buy short story collections).
So if you're a Gaiman fan, then I have no doubt you'll enjoy this. It can also be read without reading American Gods if you haven't read American Gods yet and want to check out Gaiman's stuff (but I would totally read American Gods first if you want my opinion).
WHO SHOULD READ: Gaiman fans, fans of American Gods (who don't mind that it's not about Shadow)
MY RATING: Four out of Five spiders

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