Monday, February 11, 2013

Book Review: Paper Valentine

TITLE: Paper Valentine
AUTHOR: Brenna Yovanoff
PUBLISHED: January 2013
GENRE: Mystery, Paranormal, Drama
PREMISE: There's a serial killer on the loose while Hannah is dealing with the ghost of her best friend hanging around after her death.
MY REVIEW: Whenever someone mentions unsung YA authors who don't get enough credit, I always always point to Brenna Yovanoff. She is one of the better YA writers out there, yet you mention her in YA circles and everyone is like: who? That said, Paper Valentine...not my favorite of hers (favorite will probably always be The Replacement unless her future books grab me more).
However even Yovanoff's lesser book is still decent. I liked the mystery going on. The character dynamics were also very interesting. I liked the subtle study of how complicated female/group friendship can be, especially in high school. There were also great family dynamics as well. That is something Yovanoff always excels at: interesting characters. It was also an interesting way of looking at dealing with grief. That said...some things left me unsatisfied such as background of characters and the slightly rushed feeling of the conclusion.
But it was still overall decent. I guess I just wanted more from it. Perhaps there will be a sequel? I doubt because Yovanoff is one of the few YA authors who doesn't do series/trilogies. So this is not the best of Yovanoff's work but it was still a decent and entertaining read for a afternoon.
WHO SHOULD READ: Brenna Yovanoff fans, Paranormal mystery fans
MY RATING: Three and a half out of Five funky butterfly dresses

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