Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ditched Books for February

I actually did good this month, only two!

TITLE: Doomed
AUTHOR: Tracy Deebs
PUBLISHED: January 2013
GENRE: Science Fiction I guess...
PREMISE: A girl's life becomes difficult after she clicks on a link and finds herself in a game that could help save the world.
WHY I DITCHED IT: Against my better judgement, I picked this up. I had read Deebs Tempest book awhile back and was vastly annoyed with it but I had hoped that maybe just maybe this book was better. Every so often a author will have a series that is better then their other series. Alas, no. Just like Tempest this was really sloppy. Just like Tempest the main character was annoying. And as a bonus girly girls got bashed and there was the usual love triangle. The main idea was also not at all worth overlooking the minor flaws. So I stopped at about a hundred pages in because I was just annoyed with it. Apparently Deebs is one of those authors I'm just destined not to read.

TITLE: Sacred
AUTHOR: Elana K. Arnold
GENRE: Romance, Paranormal
PREMISE: A grieving girl's life is changed when she meets a boy with supernatural abilities.
WHY I DITCHED IT: So. Much. WANGST (Whining/Angst for those that don't know). Look, I get that the MC is grieving. It sucks when your brother dies. But half her complaints were mostly about things that she and her family mostly brought on themselves and frankly half the time she made it sound like his death was just really inconvenient for HER. Also I'm sorry, you live on Catalina Island where there's apparently no crime (something I find really hard to believe), you have your own freaking horse (which tells me you're not as hard on cash as you make out because owning horses is freaking expensive), and you're popular, pretty, and have a great understanding boyfriend? Please, tell me again how your life is hard:? A hundred pages of this constant whining/angst and basically nothing to show for it other then the male love interest showing up and being mysterious (and apparently according to MC's friends, all of whom are white, "ethnic" because he's Jewish. No, I'm not kidding, one of her friends seriously says his ethnic thing is working for him) I was done. I didn't even care about finding out about Will's secret because I just wanted scream about all the rich privilege going on in this book. Maybe it gets better by the middle but I just didn't care enough to find out.

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