Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fiction Discussion 2: Book Fear

I would like to talk for a minute about book fear. You guys have likely encountered book fear before (or experience it in some form yourselves). It is what I call that anxiety people have about certain books/genres. For instance that reader who doesn't want to read say...Les Misarables because it's too big, they've seen the movie and don't want the book to ruin the movie for them, classic books intimidate them and so on and so forth.
I've heard so many reasons from people for why they haven't picked up ;insert title here; and very rarely is it the one that's most likely the reason: I don't have time/I'm not interested. I've actually gotten to the point where I've named the fears:
Big Book Fear: The fear of big books. This one is usually used for books like Game of Thrones/Lord of the Rings/Girl with a Dragon Tattoo etc. I don't particularly understand this one myself but I'm telling you: it exists.
Classic Book Fear: Those that think classic books are too complicated for them/hard to read. Personally, I blame this fear entirely on literature snobs.
Sequel Fear: The fear that has you afraid that a sequel/continuation/spin-off will ruin the first book for you. Usually seen in long running series and I can understand this one. Some series go on just way too long and at times can wind up just ruining the series for you (Mortal Instruments is in serious danger of becoming like this. Do we really need ANOTHER MI spin-off? No, I don't think so).
Overhype Fear: The fear that happens when you hear so many good things about a book and are afraid it won't live up to your expectations and you'll piss off the bestsellers fans by not liking it. This happens to me SO many times. I'm experiencing it now with John Green. I'm getting over it this year, I swear.
Book Will Ruin Movie/Won't Be as Good as Movie Fear: The fear that happens when you see a movie adaptation before reading the book and are then worried that the book will somehow ruin your enjoyment of the movie.
Genre Fear: Fear of certain genres. For instance I've encountered many a person who have been wary of high fantasy books because of certain impressions they've gotten of the genre from other people/the internet.
Author Fear: The fear that comes when you've heard certain things about a particular author and don't want to read the books because of that. I have been guilty of this one, I'll admit. But I've come to a point now where I have to separate authors from their books.
Fandom Fear: The fear you have about being associated with certain fandoms of books that have bad reputations (Twilight for instance, although for every annoying Twihard there is, I've met a awesome/reasonable Twihard so I think the bashing Twihards get is a little unfair at times).

There probably are more, but these are the ones that I've encountered the most. As for getting over these fears...I don't really know what to say other then check the book out from the library first to see if it's for you. The worst that happens is you don't like it. At least with the library book, you won't have wasted your money.
What say you guys? Are there any fears you've encountered in the book world/experience yourself? Any better advice for getting over the book fears? Thoughts on reasons why these fears exist? Discuss away!

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  1. Ooh, I definitely have some of these fears, especially the big book fears (I usually try to put off reading the big books until I HAVE to) and the book to movie fear.