Monday, March 18, 2013

Book Review: A Feast For Crows

TITLE: A Feast For Crows
Book 4 in the Song of Fire and Ice series
AUTHOR: George R. R. Martin
GENRE: Fantasy, Drama
PREMISE: Everyone deals with the fallout of book 3.
MY REVIEW: What can I say? It's Game of Thrones. I was hoping to finish this before the show came back on the 31rst (Easter Sunday, which cracks me up so much) and I did. Now I just have to wait till Dance of Dragons comes out in paperback (so all the books I have match) in May so I can finally catch up.
This series is still wonderful. But this one is a bit slow. But considering all the crap that went down in book three this feeling was probably inevitable. I also wish we had seen more of Sansa, Dany, and co. But I do understand why Martin had to make that decision to split up their parts. My guess is, these two books are the middle part of the series which is mostly just exposition and the next two books (whenever those come out) will be heating up to the climax of the series. Or that's the impression I'm getting anyway.
By book 4, you've probably figured out if this series is for you or not. I personally love this series to bits and still highly rec it.
WHO SHOULD READ: Game of Thrones TV show fans, those that have read books 1 through 3.
MY RATING: Four and a half out of Five missing characters who I miss

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