Sunday, June 4, 2017

Graphic Novel Review: Power Man and Iron Fist Vol. 1

TITLE: The Boys Are Back in Town
Vol. 1 in the new 2016 Power Man and Iron Fist series
AUTHOR: David F. Walker
ARTISTS: Sanford Greene, Flaviano
SERIES START: October 2016
COLLECTS: Issues 1-5
PREMISE: Luke Cage and Danny Rand have been on a very long break from Heroes for Hire and are fine with that. Really. Unfortunately, they have one hang out session and one incident and everyone's convinced the team is back together. But they aren't...really.
MY REVIEW: I adored this series with every fiber of my being. It's everything I've come to expect with Marvel: lots of action, utter silliness, some amusing fun at its own expense (I love that Marvel makes fun itself), and just lots of fun. The a bit here and there. This is mostly the first arc so not much happens but there are a lot of utterly hilarious moments in it.
Full disclosure: I'm pretty new to both these characters. I've seen their shows on Netflix (loved Luke Cage, am lukewarm towards Iron Fist). I've seen them in a handful of appearances in other comics. I'm aware of their history and the whole Heroes for Hire thing, even if I maybe don't know the full details. So I can't tell you all the easter eggs or how this series compares to older series and whatnot.
I can tell you, if you've just seen the Netflix shows, then you should be able to grasp what's going on. I mean, probably the only thing you may be confused about is the fact that in the comics Luke and Jessica have a kid together.
WHO SHOULD READ: Iron Fist and Luke Cage fans, Marvel fans
GOOD FOR NEWBIES?: Sort of. If you've seen Luke Cage and Iron Fist and know they hung out a lot in the past, you should be good.
MY RATING: Four out of Five brotps

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