Friday, June 2, 2017

Book Review: Between the World and Me

TITLE: Between the World and Me
AUTHOR: Ta-Nehisi Coates
CATEGORY: Non-Fiction
GENRE: Essays/Letters
PREMISE: A man talks about things like race in a series of essays written as letters to his son.
MY REVIEW: When it comes to books like this one or Letters to a Young Muslim and whatnot, I'm never really sure how to go about reviewing them. These are books that need to be read by people regardless of how good I or anyone else actually thinks they are. Plus, I'm still very new to essays so I'm still not exactly sure about what qualifies as a good essay or not. I just tend to judge them based on whether or not it made me think. Pretty much all of them tend to do that to some extent.
This one especially did. I'm slightly familiar with Coates from his appearances on various things. Plus, I've been reading the Black Panther comic run he's been writing. This goes into his life and his own various experiences with race and race relations. There is a lot of food for thought in this one. I can't say I related to any of it. I am a white woman, I will never experience things like this. But I'm of the firm opinion that you don't have to relate to every piece of writing out there, and just because you don't relate to it, doesn't mean the piece of writing isn't good or important.
This is a very quick book. I read it in an afternoon. But the things it talks about will stay with you for quite a bit.
WHO SHOULD READ: Essay fans, Letters to a Young Muslim fans, those looking for books that talk about race
MY RATING: Four out of Five essays to make you think

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