Friday, August 31, 2012

Ditched August Books

Here are the books I wound up ditching in August and why I ditched them.

TITLE: Belle's Song
AUTHOR: K. M. Grant
PUBLISHED: 2012 (2012 debut)
GENRE: Historical fiction
PREMISE: Girl goes on religious pilgramage. Pretty much it.
REASON I DITCHED IT: One word: BORING! Nicely written. But dull, dull, dull. The main character was flat as all get out and a whiny flat character at that and after about a hundred pages of me going "what is the point of all this?" I finally gave up because after a hundred pages if I don't care then I won't be motivated to finish your book.

TITLE: Glimmer
AUTHOR: Phoebe Kitandis
PUBLISHED: 2012 (another debut, gotta say 2012 class you all are not impressing me this year)
GENRE: Paranormal romance thing
PREMISE: A boy and a girl wake up with no memory of each other or themselves and try to clue themselves in.
WHY I DITCHED IT: Mostly time crunch. It was due in the library and I just wasn't feeling the book so I decided not to bother. Plus the main girl Elise was driving my last nerve with her judgemental slut shaming. Seriously YA authors: ENOUGH WITH THE DAMN SLUT SHAMING. It's really starting to get on my nerves to the point I will stop reading books that have it and don't even try to hide it. And please don't tell me that the main character being horrified to find out that she was blonde, a cheerleader, wore sexy clothes, and slept with her boyfriend was not in anyway slut shaming. That was another thing that bugged me about this book: stereotypes galore. Maybe the mystery would have been worth dealing with the super annoying characters and the slut shaming but somehow, I doubt it.

TITLE: Above
AUTHOR: Leah Bobet
PUBLISHED: 2012 (another debut)
GENRE: Urban fantasy thing.
PREMISE: Um....there's people with gifts a la X-Men and their hunted is basically what I got from it.
WHY I DITCHED IT: It was utterly confusing and the author failed to make me care in the first half of the book in order to make sense of all the confusion. I will say the world was interesting but I just couldn't understand half of what was going on because the author failed to explain any of it. 

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  1. Loved this post! I'm always curious why someone doesn't finish a book, but the reasons are usually vague. Thanks for being honest, and I couldn't agree more that if a book doesn't grab you by page 100, it's not worth it! You're much more patient than I am, as I usually give it only one chapter. :)