Thursday, August 23, 2012

Book Review: The Death Cure

TITLE: The Death Cure
Book 3 in the Maze Runner Trilogy
AUTHOR: James Dashner
GENRE: Dystopian, adventure
PREMISE: Thomas and his friends try to run from WICKED.
MY REVIEW: Yeah...okay. Here's the thing: this trilogy has gone steadily downhill since the first book for me. While I wasn't crazy about the first, I got why it was popular and the mysteries were enough that I kept reading. But then the second book happened and things continued to be confusing. Now the third book has happened and honestly I still can't tell you what the hell happened in it. It makes no sense. Also that summary in the back is a total lie: THERE WERE NO ANSWERS. Like, at all. Really, Dashner? Really?
If that wasn't frustrating enough I still don't see any character developement happening here at all. Teresa's death was sort of sad but not as sad as it should have been because frankly I barely knew her to begin with. All I knew about her was that she could mind speak with Thomas (and this is NEVER EXPLAINED). I can tell you I found it extremely irritating that Teresa gets villainized by the guys because she has the sheer nerve to question them and everything they're going through. Minho calls her a pill. But Brenda comes along, betrays them, but then is welcomed back to the fold once she helps them escape and the boys just love her. I mean she never questions Thomas. Please, author. Just...please.
I'm sorry but this entire trilogy was sloppy, sloppy, sloppy. I still can't tell you anything about the characters themselves other then they hung out in a maze together. I still don't have my answers about who they are. I don't know what WICKED's deal really is. This trilogy as a whole is frankly dissatsifying. The next Hunger Games my butt.
WHO SHOULD READ: boys, those that liked the first two and aren't bothered by lack of answers.
MY RATING: Two and a half out of Five unanswered questions. For the trilogy as a whole: Three out of Five for a dissatisfying ending and again: NO ANSWERS.

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