Saturday, August 18, 2012

Book Review: Storm Born

TITLE: Storm Born
Book 1 in the Dark Swan series
AUTHOR: Richelle Mead
GENRE: Urban Fantasy, Faeries
PREMISE: Eugenie is a shaman who deals with faeries entering her world, for a price. Then she gets a case and it leads to her finding out about a prophecy that predicts her first born will have a great destiny...which leads to every faerie wanting to get into her pants.
MY REVIEW: First off, disclaimer: I love Richelle Meads stuff shamelessly and unrepentedly. Her books are my daily guilty pleasure crack. So...there's bias whenever I review her things. Admitedly I give her book series have a habit of all looking alike, she has formulaic plots, and they aren't terribly original. But they are damn entertaining.
I will say, this isn't my favorite series of hers. There are a few bad racial jokes in there that aren't funny (especially the thing with the roommate) and bug me. A lot. Usually she's good about that. The sex was definitely hot, hotter then most of these things, and as always: smoking hot male leads to fuel your fantasys. But the plot was sort of ho hum and predictable. There's still some interest though and I'll be reading more to see where she takes the first born thing. And for more hot sex scenes ;) Fifty Shades of Grey should take some pointers.
Basically I rec this for Richelle Mead fans and those like myself who are incurably addicted to the Urban Fantasy genre no matter how many times the genre burns us with bad books.
WHO SHOULD READ: UF fans, Richelle Mead fans
MY RATING: Four out of Five bad ass shamans

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