Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I'd Like to See on a Reality Show

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Top Ten Authors I'd Like to See on a Reality Show

Hmm...I don't watch much reality TV aside from competition shows and occasionally whenever the tv at work is on the Kardashians or Jersey Shore (this is against my will btw)  but I know the gist of them so I'm going to come up with a batch of authors I'd like to see on the same reality show together. I see this show as maybe something like Jersey Shore where they all live together or something.

1) Stephanie Meyer-Shocker, I know. For me personally because I don't particularly like her, Meyer would probably be that contestant that I just love to hate. She'd probably be like Snooki-universelly loved and hated at the same time. Sometimes by the same people.

2) JK Rowling-Rowling would be the classy above-it-all contestant. You know the one: I'm not getting involved in this drama, but lol you all are kind of idiots.

3) Maureen Johnson-Read her Twitter guys, she's hilarious. I have a feeling Johnson would steal the show.

4) Neil Gaiman-Another author who is just hilarious. He would be the one making all the classic commentary about everything but still being cool about everything.

5) George R. R. Martin-Martin is a very outspoken guy. Plus, he'd probably be the oldest one there and I have a feeling his commentary about the younger authors would be epic.

6) Cassandra Clare-Another author who would just provide hilarious commentary.

7) Holly Black-If you read her Twitter you know when she and Clare get together the conversations are hilarious. These two would be the best friends teaming up against everyone else.

8) Meg Cabot-Again, she's hilarious. Plus I see her, Black, Clare, Johnson, and Rowling all teaming up to have feminist parties and trying to convert Meyer to their feminist ways. Cue epic controversial feminist vs non-feminist rants that the media would talk about for days.

9) Terry Pratchett-Would be the super snarky one. I see him and George butting heads occasionally or being great drinking buddies...

10) Stephan King-King I think would be the calmest one who would just stay out of the drama sipping his drinks and laughing at everyone on the inside.

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