Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Book Review: Trial by Fire

TITLE: Trial by Fire
Book 2 in the Raised by Wolves series
AUTHOR: Jennifer Lynn Barnes
GENRE: Werewolves, Urban fantasy, drama
PREMISE: Bryn learns the ups and downs of being an Alpha when a abused werewolf comes into her territory.
MY REVIEW: This series continues to be enjoyable in the second book. I really do need to read Barnes other stuff because if it's anything like this series I'm going to love it. I still maintain that Bryn is a bit of a Mary Sue but at least she's an enjoyable and useful Mary Sue and the author tries to put depth and explanation for her slightly Deus ex machina power. It's just so nice to have a strong female for once who isn't just saying she's strong, she actually IS.
This is a strong sequel and does all the things a continuation should: add in more backstory to characters that explain much about the ways they've behaved, have consequences for actions taken in the previous books, further character dynamics, explain things previously unexplained, and just continue to entertain.
I'm really loving this series which takes the rather tired werewolf trope and make it enjoyable. This series is a far better version of previous books such as Claire de Lune or Nightshade. I really wish it were more popular.
WHO SHOULD READ: Nightshade fans, werewolf fans, Team Jacob fans
MY RATING: Four out of Five werewolf packs

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  1. I've heard good tings about this book, so I'll have to check it out!

    Kate @ Ex Libris