Thursday, May 17, 2012

Book Review: The Girl Who Could Silence the Wind

TITLE: The Girl Who Could Silence the Wind
AUTHOR: Meg Medina
GENRE: Um...drama? Not sure, really.
PREMISE: A girl is born during a fierce thunderstorm and when she's born the storms stop, thus her village believes she is connected to god and her prayers bring them good luck.
MY REVIEW: This book isn't bad really. I just think it's a case of a book just not suited for me. The writing is nice, I adored the descriptions of the village, and there were some interesting things in it that are great for discussion. I just was kind of bored throughout it because about midway I started to realize how this was going to go and sure enough, it pretty much ended the way I thought it would.
Another issue I had is that while the story is nice and all, it's...kind of boring. The characters don't really add anything either as they're all cookie cutter characters. The MC was the selfless girl who tried to help out everyone, love interest was the orphan with a heart of gold, father was the traditionalist, aunt was the evil gold-digger type etc. etc. It all made for a nicely written but rather dull read.
But again, I feel this was aimed at the Christian Book reading crowd and lets face it, I'm not a Christian Book Reader. I just don't get the appeal of the genre because I find all the Christian books to be like this one: dull and predictable. With a side of preachy and judgemental though thankfully this book didn't have as much of that, unless you count the one-dimensional character that was the aunt. So really, this was mostly a case of a book just not being to my taste. For Christian book readers though I recomend this wholeheartedly. Thank you to the publisher for this eARC. I'm sorry I didn't like it more.
WHO SHOULD READ: Christian book readers
MY RATING: Three out of Five charms for prayers

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