Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday (9)

This is a weekly meme hosted by the girls at The Broke and the Bookish .

My Top Ten Websites That Aren't About Books

1) Tumblr-Oh wait, you don't know what tumblr is? It's a highly addictive micro-blogging site and is great for fandom things of all kinds.
My Tumblr for anyone interested: http://afangirlsview.tumblr.com/

2) Twitter-If you don't know what Twitter is by now I wash my hands of you.

3) Deviant Art-A great place to load your amateur/professional art and link up with other artists.

4) Polyvore-A fun site that lets you create outfits using real cloths from hundreds of stores. Great time waster and fun for inspiration. They let you do interior sets too, btw.

5) Jezebel-A feminist news site with big feminist leanings. Granted sometimes I think they go way over the top and read too much into stuff (particularly when it comes to the entertainment part) but for the most part, this is a great site for the feminist/liberal side of things. You may learn a thing or two about things like racism/politics/abelism/social injustice etc. etc. This site helped me realize why exactly I had so many problems with The Help (not reviewed on this blog because I couldn't finish it) and while it's not really about books it has sort of helped me see some issues in YA that need to be addressed. Such as the fact that in 2011 only 10 percent of the YA covers featured a minority character. Or identify some of the unhealthy relationships that are popular in YA (Patch/Nora anyone?).

6) io9-A geek website with all news nerdy/geeky. Great way to keep up to date on comics, tv shows, movies, etc. Just don't read the commentary because often it's littered with judgemental geek snobs who like to take the fun out of everything and act cool by hating on the popular things like Hunger Games. In other words, they're geek hipsters. Ironic considering the site has had posts that make fun of hipsters.

7) Get Glue-A fun site where if you check in to certain tv shows you can get online stickers which after a certain amount of stickers you can send in and get real copies.

8) Game Spot-Good site for all gaming news, game reviews, hints/cheats etc.

9) Pandora-Music radio site that creates a radio station for you based on a artist or a song/genre etc. Great for long reading hours.

10) IMDB-Internet Movie Database-Great source for finding info on movies/tv. You can even keep track of all those movies you've seen which if you're a movie junkie like me, is quite a bit of movies.


  1. Did you see those crazy leggings on jezebel?? Disturbingly hilarious! Imdb is one of my favorite resources; I use it all the time at the library.

  2. Nice list! I'm checking out io9 immediately. Sounds like geekologie sorta, but perhaps even better?!

  3. I don't know about being better then geekologie (I've actually never been to the sight) but it is helpful. Just like I said, the commentary is vastly annoying.

  4. Great links! I love Tumblr and Twitter :)
    Angela @ AJ Arndt Books Blog