Thursday, May 3, 2012

Book Review: Faery Tales and Nightmares

TITLE: Faery Tales and Nightmares
AUTHOR: Melissa Marr
GENRE: Short stories, Urban fantasy
PREMISE: A collection of short stories from Melissa Marr, some old and some new.
MY REVIEW: Short story collections are always a hard thing for me to review because like books, some of the stories in the collection I adore, some I'm indifferent too, others just confuse me.
This is the case with Marr's book. I adore her Wicked Lovely short stories (though it turned out one or two of them I'd already read), the other stories ranged from interesting, to what the hell, to whatever. All of them of course were told with Marr's trademark writing style which I adore.
I reccomend this mostly to hardcore Marr fans and to those Wicked Lovely fans who weren't able to get ahold of her ebook short stories for Wicked Lovely. Other then us, this will be just a nice little collection of stories for the average reader. Maybe give you an idea of what Marr's writing is like.
WHO SHOULD READ: Wicked Lovely fans, Melissa Marr fans
MY RATING: Four out of Five faeries.

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  1. Nice review! I love short story collections, but agree that they can be hard to review. I've had my eye on this one, and think I need to pick up my own copy pretty soon, as it keeps calling my name! :)