Monday, July 10, 2017

Reading Through the (Modern) Classics: Rubyfruit Jungle

TITLE: Rubyfruit Jungle
AUTHOR: Rita Mae Brown
GENRE: Contemporary
PREMISE: A woman goes through life figuring things out and being proud of who she is.
MY THOUGHTS: I have so many mixed feelings on this one. On one hand, there things in here that make me side-eye the author really hard (like some very judgmental comments about pretty much everyone who doesn't live the life the main character/author seems to think they should be living). On the other was written in the seventies.
On one hand....nothing really happened? I'm reminded a lot of On the Road, where the characters just go here, do stuff and then move on. I mean, this at least didn't have the sexism and whatnot of On the Road. I definitely liked the characters better in this book. But again: slow plot. But on the other hand, context is important when reading classics. This was a very bold book when it was written in the time it was in. On the other hand writing
So...yeah. I don't know how to feel about this one you guys. I didn't hate it...but I didn't love it either...but I also get why it made the splash it did when it was published. Just...I have a lot of mixed feelings.
WHO SHOULD READ: those looking for more LGBTQA classics, Rita Mae Brown fans,

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