Friday, July 14, 2017

Book Review: The Pearl Thief

TITLE: The Pearl Thief
Prequel to Code Name Verity
AUTHOR: Elizabeth Wein
PUBLISHED: May 2, 2017
GENRE: Historical Fiction
PREMISE: Before Code Name Verity, see Verity's years during peace time when she uncovers a mystery and tries to right wrongs...
MY REVIEW: You guys know I'm always up for an Elizabeth Wein book. Especially if she's doing another Code Name Verity book. This is a tad more light-hearted than most of Wein's books tend to be. At least to me. It's set during peace time for one. And it deals with a mystery instead of a war.
Now, it does deal with some heavy topics, such as racism towards the Romani people that went on during this time (and honestly, still goes on). there's also a nice surprise in Verity having a romance with a girl, confirming that she is indeed bisexual (the term bisexual is not used, but she's very clearly attracted to both men and women throughout the book). That was nice to see. The mystery was also interesting.
It wasn't totally what I was expecting. I was expecting much darker, but overall I definitely enjoyed it. It was a nice solid, historical mystery. If Wein decides to write more historical mysteries, I definitely would not be opposed to them.
WHO SHOULD READ: Code Name Verity fans, historical mystery fans
MY RATING: Four out of Five stolen pearls

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