Thursday, February 9, 2017

Book Review: Timekeeper

TITLE: Timekeeper
First in a new series
AUTHOR: Tara Sim
PUBLISHED: November 2016
GENRE: Fantasy/Steampunk
PREMISE: A boy works on the clock tower in his neighborhood, in the meantime he falls in love with the clock spirit.
MY REVIEW: This was a very unique book. It is MM romance set in an alternate England where time is controlled and it's just an endlessly fascinating world.
I love the writing in this one. Sim's prose are lovely and her imagination with this world is great. The romance is also very sweet. It's written in a very fairy-tale like way that appeals to me a lot and reminds me of Stardust by Neil Gaiman. Which considering my love of Gaiman is many points in the author's favor.
If you're looking for a cute romance with an imaginative fantasy setting, I highly recommend this one. Looks like it's also going to be a series. To which I say, bring it.
WHO SHOULD READ: Those looking for more LGBTQA reads, steampunk fans
MY RATING: Four out of five clocktowers

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