Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Book Review: Agent of Chaos

TITLE: Agent of Chaos
Book 1 in the X-Files Origins series
AUTHOR: Kami Garcia
GENRE: Sci-Fi/Mystery
PREMISE: Get a peek into the past of Agent Mulder during his teen years.
MY REVIEW: I freely admit: I was late to the X-Files game. I didn't watch the series for the first time until a few years ago on Netflix. I did really enjoy it, but I'm probably not what one would call a super fan of the show. But when I heard they were doing books about teenage Mulder and Scully, I couldn't resist.
This book focuses on Mulder. We get a glimpse into what his teen years might have been like and we get hints of that thirst to find the truth that he has. If one is not a super-fan of the show though...I suspect this book might fall flat, as it's mostly mystery oriented and if you're not really familiar with the show there are a lot of easter eggs in here that you might miss.
Ultimately though, I really did like the book. It gave that X-Files feel. I definitely believed this was a teenage Mulder, and even the mystery was good. If you're a fan of the TV show who's going through withdrawal, this is a good one to pick up. I confess though, I'm really looking forward to Scully's book #teamScully all the way.
WHO SHOULD READ: X-Files fans, mystery fans
MY RATING: Four out of Five aliens who may or may not exist

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