Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Book Review: The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet

TITLE: The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet
Book 1 in the Wayfarers series
AUTHOR: Becky Chambers
GENRE: Science Fiction
PREMISE: A woman joins a crew and their first mission becomes more then expected...
MY REVIEW: So this book has been around a bit. It just took me awhile to get to it. First, my library didn't get a copy of it until much later. Then there was a long reserve wait, and then...I just have to be in the mood for sci-fi. It's a weird thing with me. I can read fantasy any time, any where, but sci-fi? Have to be talked into it.
Now I personally really enjoyed this one. The characters are wonderfully developed, the world-building is fabulous, and the writing is great. My major complaint is that it's just...really slow paced. If you're into sci-fi for tons of space battles a la Star Wars....this probably won't be your thing.
So this is good. I hope the pace picks up in the next one. The pay off is worth it...it just took too long to get to said pay off and not every reader has the patience for that. I'll definitely be looking into the next one at some point in time.
WHO SHOULD READ: N.K. Jemisin fans, Star Trek fans?, those who like more character focused sci-fi
MY RATING: Four out of Five wormholes in space

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