Monday, February 6, 2017

Book Review: The Female of the Species

TITLE: The Female of the Species
AUTHOR: Mindy McGinnis
PUBLISHED: September 2016
GENRE: Thriller, Contemporary
PREMISE: A girl deals with her grief for her sister in violent ways.
MY REVIEW: So I once tried to read Mindy McGinnis. A Madness So Discreet, I believe it was...I...didn't care for it and wound up ditching it. But, I'm a big believer in giving authors second chances and people have been buzzing about this book on Booktube and whatnot, so I gave it a look.
It honestly was not at all what I was expecting but I think that's not a bad thing. This is one of the few rare YA books out there that managed to surprise me. It's a thriller...but also a character piece. There's also a lot in here to unpack about things like rape culture, how slut-shaming effects teen girls a lot, and so on. It is...very blunt about sex/drugs/and alcohol. Some times...a little absurdingly so. And sometimes it gets a little after-school-specialish. But its messages are important ones. And I think the surprising way the story went makes up for those small flaws.
This is one of those books designed to make you think. I am surprised by how much I liked it, because I honestly wasn't expecting too. But I did.
WHO SHOULD READ: Dexter fans, Mindy McGinnis fans, Courtney Summers fans, Millennium Trilogy fans
MY RATING: Four out of Five surprise endings

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