Monday, August 21, 2017

Book Review: Six Wakes

TITLE: Six Wakes
AUTHOR: Mur Lafferty
PUBLISHED: January 2017
GENRE: Science-Fiction/Mystery
PREMISE: A group of clones wake up to discover their previous clones were all one of them. But no one has any memory of who and why it happened...
MY REVIEW: I went into this book completely blind. I've never heard of the author before this (though apparently he's been around the sci-fi world a while), haven't heard much buzz about it, nothing. But the idea sounded so interesting I had to at least give it a look. I mean, murder mystery...IN SPACE.
I will warn: it's a tad slow and is very science heavy on the science-fiction part. But the author did remember to have an entertaining plot along with all the science. Which is nice, because sometimes...sci-fi authors get so caught up in explaining their world and proving their science cred that they forget to have things like plot and characters. It's why I tend to be pickier when it comes to my sci-fi then I am with my fantasy.
This is a very nice blend of mystery and sci-fi. The writing is nice and the plot is very well-paced. The characters are nice and varied. It was a solid book. I think I'm going to look into this author's other books in the future.
WHO SHOULD READ: Mur Lafferty fans, Becky Chambers fans, sci-fi fans
MY RATING: Four out of Five murder mysteries on a spaceship

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