Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Book Review: Searching for John Hughes

TITLE: Searching for John Hughes-Or Everything I Thought I Needed to Know About Life I Learned From Watching 80s Movies
AUTHOR: Jason Diamond
PUBLISHED: November 29th, 2016
CATEGORY: Non-Fiction
GENRE: Memoir/slight biography
PREMISE: A guy talks about John Hughes and how he related to Hughes and his movies.
MY REVIEW: Sigh. Okay, if one looks at this book as just what it is: a memoir. It's...okay. It gets the job done. The author's writing is engaging and whatnot. But here's the thing: I kept wanting the original idea that the author said he intended this book to be. See, originally, he had been planning on making this a John Hughes biography with a critique/analysis of Hughes filmography. Sounds great right? Why didn't he write that?!
Instead, we get a memoir about HIS life. He talks about how he became a Hughes fan and how the films effected him. Look, not to disparage anybody but his frankly not that interesting. I don't understand why exactly we couldn't get the biography about John Hughes instead.
So this book's main fault is that it's not the original idea and that idea was ten times more interesting so I kind of just felt cheated as I read through it. As I said, it's an okay memoir. I just pine for what could have been.
WHO SHOULD READ: John Hughes fans (who are okay with reading something that is not completely about John Hughes)
MY RATING: Three out of Five books that could have been better

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