Monday, August 14, 2017

Book Review: The Book That Changed America

TITLE: The Book That Changed America
AUTHOR: Randall Fuller
PUBLISHED: January 24rth, 2017
CATEGORY: Non-Fiction
GENRE: History
PREMISE: An author goes into how Darwin's book The Origin of the Species influenced American history.
MY REVIEW: This review is going to be pretty short, because I really don't have much to say about this one. Its topic was interesting and full of potential...but I don't think the author lived up to the title's promise. He didn't really tell me how exactly The Origin of the Species changed America.
Oh, he gave plenty of tidbits on how people reacted to the book. But he didn't really give much detail on how exactly the book changed things. Influenced people who influenced history? Sure. But didn't give concrete evidence beyond his own speculation that this book is why that person did this etc.
So yeah, this was a bit of a disappointment. There was some interesting tidbits in here about authors and whatnot. I appreciated that. I just wish the author hadn't wandered so much in his subject and actually sat down and told me how exactly The Origin of the Species changed America.
WHO SHOULD READ: Those who like to read about classic authors
MY RATING: Three out of Five books that should have stuck to its subject more

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