Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Book Review: Project Nemesis

TITLE: Nemesis
Book 1 in the Project Nemesis series
AUTHOR: Brendan Reichs
PUBLISHED: March 2017
GENRE: Er...Mystery and Dystopian...I guess?
PREMISE: Ever since Min was a kid, she's been killed over and over again, and then...just wakes up. As she finally starts to dig into why, conspiracies involving her town start popping up all over the place...
MY REVIEW: This book....is just weird. First, I feel like the author had two plots that he just decided to mesh together. One was the thing with the main character getting killed over and over again. The other was the big conspiracy stuff that came at the end. I suppose the author made it work...if I don't look too hard at all the plot holes.
Personally, I feel like this book was kind of an entertaining mess. It is fast-paced, it gets the job done. But if you sit and think hard...it doesn't make sense and you're also going "how did a mystery turn into a wacky dystopian Gone series scenario?" Because that's basically what happened. Personally...this was too gritty violent for my taste. I felt like the author was trying too hard to be edgy like Frank Miller. It didn't help that very little time was spent fleshing out characters so that when all the stuff designed to shock happened...I felt nothing.
So yeah...it's a decent effort. I just wish more time had been spent fine-tuning it so character motivations made more sense and things were better explained/handled. Also authors, quit using "it's a small town!" as an excuse for having no diversity in your books. I've lived in small towns in the US. Even here in my really white suburban Midwest town, we have a pretty sizable non-white population. So I'm sorry, your excuse is just that: an excuse. One that doesn't really fly in 2017.
WHO SHOULD READ: James Patterson fans, Gone series fans
MY RATING: Three out of Five meh shrugs

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