Saturday, January 10, 2015

Book Review: A Thousand Pieces of You

TITLE: A Thousand Pieces of You
Book 1 in the Firebird series
AUTHOR: Claudia Gray
PUBLISHED: November 4rth, 2014
GENRE: Science-Fiction, Romance
PREMISE: A girl jumps realities to find her father's killer.
MY REVIEW: There are some authors out there who maybe aren't the hugest well known authors in the world, but who are constantly churning out satisfying reads every year. Claudia Gray is one of those authors. I am always up for a Gray book because I know what I'll get with her. Even if some her ideas don't totally work out, she manages to entertain me along the way to keep reading.
This series opener is no exception. There are some shaky things in it. I also am not wild about the romance in it that kind of took over the far more interesting parallel world jumping plot. I also raise my eyebrow at the complete lack of female friends that the main character has. I mean, there were a few other female characters there, but the main character barely spent any time with them so I don't think they count as friends.
But on the whole, the book was a harmless entertaining romp and exactly what I expected it to be. So I'm not complaining TOO loudly. It's just not Gray's best work, that's all.
WHO SHOULD READ: Claudia Gray fans, parallel universe fans
MY RATING: Three and a half out of Five parallel lives

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