Monday, September 22, 2014

Book Review: The Rainaldi Quartet

TITLE: The Rainaldi Quartet
Book 1 in the Castiglioni and Guastafeste series
AUTHOR: Paul Adam
GENRE: Mystery/thriller
PREMISE: Two old friends investigate when a fellow musician friend is murdered.
MY REVIEW: Yes, this is another library project read. Yes, my library does have a lot of mysteries. No, I don't know why. It's a mystery ;pauses for effect;
This one is a pretty average thriller. Guy is murdered. A partner duo investigates. Murder is solved. There's not much to set it apart from most mysteries, to be honest. Although, if you're into classical music history, the info can be interesting.
Good library read only, I say.
WHO SHOULD READ: classical music history nerds, mystery fans
MY RATING: Three out of Five fake violins

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