Sunday, October 21, 2012

Weekly Recs (1)

This will hopefully be a regular feature here on this blog from now on (I know, I know, you've heard that before). This is similar to my previous Saturday Recs idea but I've decided to expand that idea to include TV, Movies, and Anime as I love all of those things as well as books. I've also changed it to weekly because I won't always be able to do them on Sunday as I my posting schedule is at the mercy of the retail schedule lords. So you never know when a day will be a weekly rec days. Keeps things interesting, right? So here's the first (of hopefully many) weekly recs post.

Weekly Recs: Currently running TV shows I recomend.-I am somewhat of a TV addict, I admit. I am into so many shows it's probably very sad. Netflix getting all the older shows on tv as well as older seasons of current shows does not help matters (I am currently neck deep into LOST for instance and kicking myself for never watching it while it was on the air). So here are all the shows currently still ongoing (either on hiatus, in the middle of a season) that I rec. For your sake I'll do the shows by channel.

FOX: I still am rather upset at Fox for the Firefly debacle so out of protest I don't really watch them all that much anymore. Plus Fox News makes me want to punch something so there's that as well.

I used to be into Glee but I got so fed up with it last season that I quit it (but I still occasionally buy the music and I keep up on what's happening through friends). I rec the first season of Glee. The first is the best. It was all downhill from there.

Bones-Forensic mystery show staring the man formerly known as Angel (who ruined all other vampires for me) and Emily Deschenel (Zoey Deschenel's sister (or is it cousin?)). Fun mystery of the week stuff with a witty cast. I have to say Bones is not as awesome as she used to be but the show is still very worthwhile.

I also hear Fringe is good but I've never seen it so can;t say for sure. But if you have access to it I would totally check it out.

CBS: Big Bang Theory-The show about nerds dedicated to nerds and nerd culture. But don't let that scare you off. Catch a episode or two on TBS reruns, that pretty much will give you an idea of the whole show.

NBC: Community-Also a comedy that is very nerdy (and kind of better then Big Bang even though I love Big Bang).
30 Rock-Because it's 30 Rock.

CW: Vampire Diaries-Well, I admit I have a love/hate thing with VD. It's got huge huge flaws but is still entertaining if for nothing other then to snark at.
Supernatural-One of the last shows left over from WB (oh WB, I miss you). For a good reason.

ABC: Once Upon a Time-Once is perfect for people who love fairy tale retellings and Disney. It's a fun and always twisty show. I gaurantee you will never look at Rumplestiltskin the same again.
Revenge-The most soap operish primetime show in awhile with two fabulous leading ladies and so many OMG moments you'll be hooked from episode one.
Castle-A writer follows a female cop because she is his muse (and more). Hilarious cast, fun mysteries, and so much meta/genre references.
Modern Family/The Middle/Suburgatory: ABCs comedy Wednesdays are pure gold.
Nashville-This is a tentative rec. The show is only two eps in so for all I know it becomes horrible later this season.
Scandal-One of the few shows with a african american female lead played by the always fabulous Kerry Washington. Follows the scandals that rock DC politicians and the woman whose team helps the people involved in said Scandals.

Misc. Channels:
Downton Abbey-Historic costume drama at its finest.
Warehouse 13-A show I wish was more popular about agents who track down historic artifacts that wreak havoc and store them in a warehouse to keep the world safe.
Doctor Who-Longest running show on television for a reason.
Being Human (BBC version, not bastardized SyFy version): A ghost, a werewolf, and a vampire all live together. It works out about as well as you'd expect. Has some wonderful philosophic thoughts on it about what it means to be...well human.
Game of Thrones: Wonderful example of how to make a book adaptation work as a series.
True Blood: Granted, TB is another show that gets love/hate from me due to its huge flaws. But again: entertainment factor is huge still.
Sherlock: A modern day Sherlock and Watson solve crimes. It is awesome.

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