Thursday, October 18, 2012

Book Review: Something Strange and Deadly

TITLE: Something Strange and Deadly
Book 1 in a new series
AUTHOR: Susan Dennard
GENRE: Zombies, alternate history, urban fantasy
PREMISE: Eleanor Fitt lives in a world where zombies are very real and a common fear. When her brother goes missing she finds herself pushed right into the world of zombies...
MY REVIEW: I liked this a lot. I will say a lot of it reminds me of Dearly Beloved (a personal favorite from last year) and it isn't a perfect series. Some of it is questionable. For instance Eleanor's judgement of feminine females got on my nerves a bit oh and I'm sorry but the girl on that cover does not look at all like she has a eating problem. No corset is that good. But overall this book did what it set out to do which is entertain.
Because this was some entertaining stuff. Dennard's writing is great. She has nice simple prose that explains what's going on without being over the top about it and this world she created is endlessly interesting. The characters are fun even if they aren't fully fleshed out. There's a fast pace to it with something always happening. It's a very readable book but also doesn't make you feel like you're losing IQ points while reading it.
A few predictable twists aside this was a fun ride and I look forward to the rest of it. I recomend this for all zombie fans. Especially those into historical fantasy.
WHO SHOULD READ: zombie fans, Infernal Devices fans, Dearly Beloved fans
MY RATING: Four out of Five corsets

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