Friday, October 12, 2012

Book Review: Magic Under Stone

TITLE: Magic Under Stone
Magic Under Glass Book 2
AUTHOR: Jacelyn Dolamore
GENRE: Fantasy, Faeries, Romance
PREMISE: Nimira and her clockwork prince travel to his home to discover a way to try and break him out of his curse.
MY REVIEW: So I was one of the few to read Magic Under Glass a year or so ago despite Bloomsbury's dumb decision to whitewash the cover. For the record, I didn't break the boycott about not buying it. I checked it out of the library because I believe it's unfair to not give the writer a chance because writers don't make the decisions ultimately about the covers of books. I thought it was definitely creative and I think Dolamore is one of the more imaginative writers to come along in the past few years.
My feelings about the sequel are...a little less enthusiastic. I still love the authors imagination and the plot was decent enough, I just found I liked Nimira a lot less then I did before. Honestly, I swear I don't remember her being nearly this annoying in the first book or did I miss that in favor of "ohh creativity!"? Possible. I mean I sort of get her motivations but still her "woe is me" act was really really trying my patience.
Other stuff was just...okay. I kind of hope this ends here and the author moves on to brighter shinier things because I feel this was a good place to leave it. So...decent book but not as good as the first.
WHO SHOULD READ: those that have read Magic Under Glass
MY RATING: Three out of Five spell books

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