Friday, October 26, 2012

Book Review: Gilt

AUTHOR: Katherine Longshore
GENRE: Historical fiction
PREMISE: Kitty's friend Cat gets invited to go to the court of King Louie.
MY REVIEW: Sigh. I had such high hopes for this one after all the good reviews I read about it. Clearly I'm missing something that you all saw because I'm sorry, I didn't think this was very good. Sure the writing was competant, and I guess there was a plot in there somewhere but it was SO BORING.
I could forgive the boring part if any of it was actually, you know historically accurate. This woman says in her author note she's a English history nut. Well if that was the case she should know that girls back in the time period this is set in DO NOT ACT like Kitty and Cat did. They did not say things like shut up because shut up is a modern term not used till at least 1950 or so. They spoke very formally back then. But these girls speak like nineties teens. What the hell? Oh and my favorite is how Cat is able to sleep with that one guy despite being in a female finishing school of sorts when back then men would never have been allowed to be left with females their own age unchaperoned. Certainly never would have been allowed in the girls bedroom. Also they wouldn't talk about sex then at all. Yes, the court then was loose by most standards but women were still expected to not know anything about sex and certainly wouldn't ever talk about the size of a man's manhood in such a frank manner as they did in this book. I mean, really author, do your research on how people behaved back then. If that wasn't enough the main character was a boring doormat who I wanted to shake. I wish this had been in Cat's point of view. Cat was the only interesting thing going on in this book but no, we get boring limp noodle Kitty instead.
If you are going to write historical fiction do your research and have your characters behave the way people back then actually behaved. Oh, and make it interesting please. No, I don't count endless gossip as a interesting plot. This could have been so awesome too, it just makes me sad instead.
WHO SHOULD READ: fans of the Luxe series, those that don't mind blatant historical inaccuracies
MY RATING: Two out of Five valley girls in the wrong time period

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