Saturday, October 20, 2012

Book Review: Underworld

TITLE: Underworld
Book 2 in the Abandon Trilogy
AUTHOR: Meg Cabot
GENRE: Paranormal/Urban fantasy, romance, retelling
PREMISE: Piarce is now stuck in the Underworld against her will and does everything she can to return home.
MY REVIEW: I'll be the first to admit it: I am a Meg Cabot fangirl. This is the author who basically introduced me to YA with the Princess Diaries. Plus she's hilarious and one of the few classy YA authors out there. All current YA authors need to take a leaf out of Cabot's book on how to conduct themselves online and with their fans. So that said, I don't think this trilogy is Cabot's best work, but it still is better then most.
On one hand I love the plot of this. Cabot's vision of the Underworld and the mechanics of it and her descriptions are all the things I've come to love about Cabot's writing. Plus, Piarce is a likeable heroine. She doesn't just take her boyfriends word for things and when he pulls douchebag crap she calls him on it. This is one of the few Cabot relationships I've had a hard time getting into and I've read one or two comments comparing it to Patch/Nora which just NO. Because Nora never ever calls Patch out on being a ass and certainly would never have the balls that Pierce does and she most certainly does not actually care about her friends/family like Pierce actually does. Plus there's a huge difference between this and Hush Hush: Cabot makes sure to tell us over and over again that what John does (kidnapping Pierce) is NOT okay. She makes sure to point out all the problems with this relationship as well as the good points of it. I'd much rather have a author is aware of the problematic issues in the book then a author like Fitzpatrick who doesn't seem to understand all the problematic messages she's sending. And I say this as a person who does mildly enjoy Hush Hush despite herself. I like Hush Hush but it's relationship make me want to bang my head against a wall.
This is one of the times where I think the plot outweighs some of the bad points of the relationship in the book. I like the trilogy, don't get me wrong, but it's got issues. However this is still one of my preferred Persephone/Hades retellings because it actually does point out the things that were wrong with what Hades did instead of making it super romantic.
WHO SHOULD READ: Those that liked Abandon, Persephone/Hades myth fans, fans of mythology, Cabot fans
MY RATING: Three and a half out of Five  necklaces

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