Friday, October 5, 2012

Book Review: Body and Soul

TITLE: Body and Soul
Book 3 in the Ghost and the Goth Trilogy
AUTHOR: Stacey Kade
GENRE: Paranormal
PREMISE: Alona and Will deal with the consequences of Alona now being in a comatose girls body.
MY REVIEW: I have a deep fondness for the Ghost and the Goth Trilogy. True, some of the world building is iffy and the ending of this could have maybe been a bit better but it was still a pretty solid ending for the trilogy and was logical. But first and foremost: this trilogy is just plain enjoyable. It's also well written to boot and has good solid characters. So I give the trilogy as a whole a thumbs up.
My favorite in all of this is mostly Alona. I just love her. The author takes the pretty bubble-head cheerleader stereotype who is often made the villain of the YA genre (usually because she's pretty and gasp!cares what others think) and stomps it into the ground. Bless. You all know from past reviews how much I tend to loathe this trope. Finally the blonde cheerleader is given depth and personality. Alona is deeply flawed yes, but we are given reasons for her flaws and she manages them and actually grows past them. Same with Will who while not quite as well developed for me as Alona, is still given growth. The Will and Alona of the end of book 3 are vastly different from when they began in book 1. In the end that's what I want most from books series: for characters to grow and change. The plot is also given a satisfying conclusion.
All in all this is a solid ending for a solid entertaining trilogy that I'm really going to miss. But Kade has a new series coming out next year so it's not all bad.
WHO SHOULD READ: Those that have read books 1 and 2, paranormal romance fans
MY RATING: Four out of Five mediums

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