Monday, July 30, 2012

Ditched July Books

So in the past when I've ditched a book I just haven't reviewed it because I don't think it's right to review a book that you haven't read from beginning to end. Now what I'm going to do is just at the end of the month make a post about the books I ditched and explain why I ditched them. Hopefully this won't be too many but hey, sometimes a book just isn't for you, you know?

TITLE: The Mephisto Covenant
The Redemption of Ajax Book 1
AUTHOR: Trinity Faegen
WHY I DITCHED IT: You know how sometimes when you start a book you can literally tell within a chapter that you will wind up loathing every minute of the thing? Well, this was me and Mephisto Covenant. Those first few chapters were a huge hot mess and a huge turn off for me. The main character was obviously the selfless flawless Mary Sue type who was going to need rescuing all the time, and to top it off I could smell judgement over non-religious folk from pretty much the first page. Look, I don't hate religion, but I do hate when authors take religion and use it to judge how teenagers/people behave nowadays. If I want to be preached at, I will go to church author. Plus the world building was making absolutely no sense.I think she was going for a Supernatural sort of thing but utterly failed because Supernatural actually makes sense. This, does not. I got about five chapters in before I just couldn't stomach it anymore.

TITLE: Harbinger
AUTHOR: Sara Wilson Etienne
WHY I DITCHED IT: Frankly it was just utterly confusing. I was completely lost about fifty pages in and at that time I had a pile of library books to read and it was due the next day so I just gave up. Maybe I'll get back to it but considering I wasn't feeling it that much...probably not.

TITLE: Deadworld
Book 1 in a series
AUTHOR: J. N. Duncan
WHY I DITCHED IT: Another one that was just utterly confusing. Authors: explain your worlds. I'm not saying you need info dump after info dump. But at least explain the little stuff. It's a bad sign when by the tenth chapter I still have no idea who the main character is or why I should care. Plus the main character was boring as all get out. She didn't appeal to me much.

TITLE: Ascension
Dark Breed series Book 1
AUTHOR: Sable Grace
WHY I DITCHED IT: Because it was frankly just more of the same old same old. I'm addicted to UF/PR as much as the next girl but even I get tired of these plots that all start looking alike after awhile and I was getting extreme deja vu while reading this. Plus the main character didn't do anything for me. Gave up about fifteen chapters in.

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