Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Book Review: The Butterfly Clues

TITLE: The Butterfly Clues
AUTHOR: Kate Ellison
GENRE: Contemporary, mystery
PREMISE: Lo investigates her brother's murder.
MY REVIEW: This is one I really wanted to like. The writing was lovely. Nice and simple but gave me a vivid picture of everything without being annoyingly flowery. The OCDness of the MC was also an interesting touch.
Unfortunately the author failed to make me care about it. I found Lo very annoying instead of naively charming which I suspect the author was aiming for. The male lead wasn't interesting and I failed to see how he and Lo made a good couple. The mystery was interesting for a nanosecond but quickly became predictable if you read mysteries a lot or watch a lot of mystery shows which unfortunately for the author I do both of (for those wondering this mainly includes Castle and Bones right now and I'm just starting Lost which, lets face it: is one big mystery).
As a debut it's okayish. It's just not really a OMG you have to read this now book. I'd recomend it as a library read only.
MY RATING: Three out of Five butterflies

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