Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Book Review: The Wicked and the Just

TITLE: The Wicked and the Just
AUTHOR: J. Anderson Coats
GENRE: Historical fiction, drama
PREMISE: In old England a girl moves to Welsh country against her wishes and gets caught up in a war.
MY REVIEW: This is one of those books that's difficult to review for me. On one hand it's a darn well written book. The historical parts of it were fabulous as were the character parts of it. On the other hand...it's slow. I can imagine a lot of todays readers getting bored by it. Plus Cecily could get very annoying.
So I think I have to rec this for a certain type of reader. If you're a reader who loves historical fiction and has lots of patience and likes details, you will probably love this book. If you're a reader who wants the sweep you off your feet romance with fast paced plots that is popular in YA right now...probably won't be a book for you. Unless you're willing to branch out in which case go for it. And please don't get turned off by Cecily. She gets better. I swear.
But mostly I recomend this to those who just love historical books. This talks about the history of England's opression of Wales in the Thirteenth century which admitedly is not a time period a lot of people talk about but I think it explains it pretty well. Coats is a talented author I hope to see more of her in the future.
WHO SHOULD READ: Historical fiction fans, readers with patience
MY RATING: Three and a half/Four out of Five castles (I can't make up my mind about which rating to give it but that's the range I waver between)

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