Monday, July 9, 2012

Book Review: Thief's Covenant

TITLE: Thief's Covenant
Widdershins Adventure series book 1
AUTHOR: Ari Marmell
GENRE: Fantasy, adventure
PREMISE: A girl becomes a thief after going from rags to riches.
MY REVIEW: This is a rather hard book to describe. Best I can come up with is part Tamora Pierce and part Discworld series. It's just pure fun and imagination and I enjoyed every minute of it. Granted, I did get confused a bit, and I felt there were too many points of views going on which didn't help the confusion. But really this book is kind of a breathe of fresh air in a YA world full of love triangles, angsty bad boys, and whiny I-don't-do-anything heroines.
The biggest appeal for me personally is the sense of humor in this series. That's where the Discworld illusions come in because it has the same sort of cheeky humor. It may not be as sophisticated as Discworld but it definitely makes for a fun adventure read. I also think boys may get a kick out of this one. There's no sappy romance, it's pure adventure.
While it may not be a completely original tale it definitely is a stand out amongst today's YA and I for one am looking forward to reading more.
WHO SHOULD READ: Tamora Pierce fans, Discworld fans, adventure book fans
MY RATING: Four out of Five awesome girl thiefs

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