Monday, July 9, 2012

Book Review: Spirit's Princess

TITLE: Spirit's Princess
Book 5 in the Princesses of Myth series
AUTHOR: Esther Friesner
GENRE: Historical fiction, mythology
PREMISE: Himiko trains to be a priestess despite disapproval from her father.
MY REVIEW: To those that read this blog often you probably have figured out I'm a Friesner fangirl. I love these historical princess books she writes (and I've discovered she's written adult books as well, so I may be checking those out soon). This one is no exception.
I found Himiko endlessly interesting. If I wasn't interested in her, I was interested in the world around her because feudal Japan is one of those eras people don't write about often which is odd because the history of Japan is full of potential story telling ideas. I mean, look at Inuyasha. Granted if you want romance this probably won't be your book. It's mostly about Himiko and her struggles and character growth.
But for those looking for historical fiction about a era not covered very often and a historical figure people don't know as much about, this is your book. Even the ending notes on the historical stuff Friesner gives are interesting to me. This series is a must read if you're a historical junkie.
WHO SHOULD READ: Historical fiction fans, fans of Nobody's Princess/Sphinx's Princess.
MY RATING: Four out of Five kimonos

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