Monday, July 30, 2012

Book Review: The Council of Mirrors

TITLE: The Council of Mirrors
Book 9 in the Sisters Grimm series
AUTHOR: Michael Buckley
CATEGORY: Childrens/middle-grade
GENRE: Retellings, mystery, adventure
PREMISE: The Sisters Grimm have their final showdown in this conclusion of The Sisters Grimm.
MY REVIEW: It will forever puzzle me why this series hasn't gained more popularity. Seriously you guys are missing out. I mean sure, at heart this series isn't overly complicated and certainly with things like Fables and Once Upon a Time it isn't even a new idea but gosh is it fun. Especially if you're a fairytale nerd like myself because the author goes by the book versions of fairytales/classic stories instead of the more popular movie versions.
By far the appeal for this series is the humor, there is even a heart to it because the sisters do grow as the series moves along and I love the messages the author sends and how it makes you think about the original tales more. For sure, this ending is kind of obvious and sometimes the scenes are over dramatic. But still this was a solid series from begining to end and I can't rec it enough. Especially if you have kids who are into Disney.
So I for one am really sorry to see this fun series go. But it's been a fun ride and I am definitely satisfied by the conclusion (especially as my OTP Puck/Sabrina got together...). If you haven't picked up this series now is the perfect time to do so as it's finished so you won't have to wait for more books to come out, you lucky dogs you.
WHO SHOULD READ: Those that have read books 1-8, fairytale junkes, Once Upon a Time fans, Fables fans
MY RATING: Four out of Five angry Queen of Hearts

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