Friday, July 27, 2012

Book Review: Ruby Red

TITLE: Ruby Red
Book 1 in the Ruby Red Trilogy
AUTHOR: Kerstan Gier
PUBLISHED: 2011 (in the US)
GENRE: Time travel, romance,
PREMISE: A girl inherits her family's time travel gene.
MY REVIEW: Okay YA what the hell is up with all the time travel lately? Especially in books from last year. I swear every other book I read lately has had some sort of time-travel plot. Did you all have a group watching of Doctor Who and then challenge each other to different time-travel plots like CS Lewis and Tolkien did way back when or something? Seriously, what the frak?
That said, This is the first one that has actually used time travel in a way that I somewhat get so I give the author points for that. Even though as usual it makes very little sense (A time travel gene? Really?). Honestly I sort of shrug at this. It was fun at parts but annoying in other parts. The MC was rather forgettable as was the male lead. The family members were obviously purposely written to annoy the reader (particularly the aunt and cousin) and it's frankly kind of telling that a week later after finishing this book I can't even remember character's names.
This book was just...okay. I get that there's two more coming but honestly I'm not sure if I'm going to bother with those. I'd read this only if you really like time-travel plots which if you do, you're apparently in luck because that's clearly the thing in YA right now.
WHO SHOULD READ: Time travel plot fans, Hourglass fans,
MY RATING: Three out of Five bored time travelers

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