Friday, July 20, 2012

Book Review: City of Lost Souls

TITLE: City of Lost Souls
Book 5 in the Mortal Instruments series
AUTHOR: Cassandra Clare
GENRE: Urban fantasy
PREMISE: Clary fights to get Jace back from the clutches of Sebastion.
MY REVIEW: When it comes to Mortal Instruments I'm honestly rather conflicted. A large part of me gets it. I do honestly understand the appeal of this series and why it's gained such huge fans. I myself get many a kick out of it (mostly whenever Magnus and Isabelle is there and when everyone snarks at each other). I cannot deny that this series is entertaining and when the next book  comes I will read it because that is my way.
However...some of the criticisms towards this series, I'm sorry to say, are legit. I definitely have issues with some of the main relationships. Jace/Clary has all kinds of problems (no, not the they thought they were brother sister thing. I'm talking about things like how I STILL don't get why these two are so into each other 5 books later), Simon pretty much made me hate him last book due to his douchebag treatment of Maya and Isabelle (and don't get me started on how Clary and everyone acted like it was hilarious. Um...NO), and I have even more problems with Maya's new relationship then I have with Jace/Clary. About the only relationship in this book that actually is healthy is Magnus/Alec (and maybe the adult relationships). But then the ending happend (damn ending). Even with that the plot to this has honestly become...well tedious. I'm sorry, but these last three books were completely unneccessary. I will still read the next one but really, at this point you're just over milking the cash cow, Clare. So please, END the series at book six. Come up with something new and different because at this point I'm afraid you're starting to look like a one trick pony.
Not that I really expect any of this to stop anyone from reading book 5. By now people have figured out on their own if Mortal Instruments is their thing or not. For me the series is strictly filed under guilty pleasure. It's high on entertainment value but quality...kind of questionable. Won't stop me from reading book six though, damn addiction.
WHO SHOULD READ: Those who read and liked books 1-4, Urban fantasy fans
MY RATING: Three and a half out of five for addicting entertainment.

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