Friday, April 30, 2010

Book Review: Being Nikki

TITLE: Being Nikki
PART IN SERIES: Book two of three in the Airhead trilogy
AUTHOR: Meg Cabot
GENRE: Young adult, trilogy, chick-lit
PREMISE: Em is still stuck in a super model's body and her problems are piling higher then ever. Then it turns out that accident, may not have been an accident after all.
MY REVIEW: I realize that this is not a literary masterpiece or a work of genius but I don't care, I adored it just as much as I adore all Meg Cabot's books. I admit I was skeptical of the airhead series because it sounded really kooky (a brain transplant? Really?) so I didn't read the first book till about the time the second book came out. I read it and ended up loving every minute of it. Yes, it is classic Cabot-fare: plain girl in love with male best friend? Check. Underlying feminist messages? Check. Slightly kooky female best friends? Check. Slightly predictable ending for avid readers of Cabots? Check. Cabot has a formula for her books. She knows what her readers expect from her and knows what works for her. But unlike other certain formula writers (I'm looking at you Nicolas Sparks) she does twist it up every so often or take things like brain transplants that shouldn't work and makes it work so well that you BUY IT (I for one am convinced a brain transplant was done to Princess Diana and she's now in some regular person's body having the time of her life). So I'm sorry literary snobs, I will defend Cabot to the end and always reccomend her work even if it's maybe not the greatest ever written.
Anyway, as I've said Being Nikki is classic Cabot. We have poor Em who is dealing with repurcussions of her body being in a super models, there's a mystery surrounding Stark and what happened to Nikki exactly, and many revelations that make me eager to read the third book that just came out but with my OCDness concerning books I own, will be waiting till it comes out in paperback so I have a set of three paperbacks and not two paperbacks with one hardback. Yes, I'm wierd. Highly reccomend to all Cabot fans.
WHO SHOULD READ: Cabot fans, if you've read the first book, chick-lit readers
MY RATING: Four out of Five models.

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